Weekend Workshop with CLARE DUNPHY HEMANI

Please joins us for the third annual Weekend Workshop with Clare Dunphy Hemani. March 21 and March 22, 2020 in Annapolis, MD. 

Saturday, March 21

Tech Neck Rescue 8:00 to 12:00

Tech Neck is a modern-day issue, spanning all generations, that’s not going away anytime soon. The necks muscles, tendons, and ligaments are meant to support the heads weight –10-12 pounds – in a neutral position balanced on top of the cervical spine. For every 1 inch the head falls forward it places an addition 10 pounds of force on the neck, sometimes up to 50-60 pounds when looking down at your phone! 
We’ll review general neck anatomy and focus on specific Pilates neck exercises including less known Cadillac exercises, Neck Stretcher, Pedi-pole, and overall posture in specific exercises where the neck typically shows up as an issue. 
The discussion looks from the perspective of a progressive continuum for all levels of neck strengthening on multiple apparatus. 
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The Lost Art of Sitting, Standing + Squatting 
 1:00 to 5:00
Sitting is the new smoking and another modern-day reality of office jobs, long commutes, and driving too long. It’s time to consider how we sit (and stand) so we do it better and reduce suffering from chronic low back pain, hip issues, and negative effects of muscle imbalances. 
Healthy mobility in the low back, hips, knees, and ankles are the promises of Pilates (done right) with Pilates squats being an important antidote that we will breakdown and better understand. We will certainly dive into sitting, standing, and squatting positions in the Pilates repertoire on various apparatus in addition to how to take it out into daily life.
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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Rhythm in Movement: Right Rhythms are Game Changers
8:00 to 3:00
Why don’t we need external music playing to keep a rhythm in a pilates session? Because each exercise has it’s own unique rhythmn. When you connect the exercises into a series or full session, it becomes a harmonious, flowing dance creating an internal mind body concert.
Elevate your personal practice and your teaching by honing the skills of moving with flow, musicality, timing + rhythm. Each exercise has it’s own unique rhythm that unlocks the greater potential of the exercise. First you get it in your body, then you learn to coach your clients to move that way too.
Here’s where the art of teaching comes alive so be prepared to move, teach, and receive expert tips from Clare. We will start with the mat and reformer then move onto the rest of the apparatus as questions arise. As our wonderful Master Teacher Bob Leikens used to say, “rhythm saves” — and it’s true but sadly the rhythms are becoming a missing piece of the work for the next generation of teachers. Now we’re talking!
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$499 (deadline March 14)
Late registration $525

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Late registration $325
Payment Plans Available, e-mail Stefanie to save your spot .
“Working with Clare will make you a better instructor”
– Teacher Trainer Cameron Macdonald advising Teacher Trainer Debi Vincent

“Excellent knowledge from apprenticing with Romana, paired with her years writing instructor training content for Peak, makes Clare creative while staying in the classical system.”
Kim Kandra,
owner Kimmotion

“A seasoned presenter, Clare’s workshops are well planned and professional. Her straightforward approach reflects her sharp mind with love and humor.”
Stefanie O’Rourke,
owner CPC

“Clare finds a way to simplify explanations to seemingly complicated questions without criticism or judgement.”
Sunni Almond,
creator Going More Joe
Clare Dunphy Hemani NCPT, BS
Certified by Romana Kryzanowska (Pilates Guild) 1997
Co-Author Peak Pilates Comprehensive Education Program
Peak Pilates Mentor of Teachers & Teacher Trainers 2001 to 2013
Advanced Teacher Training 2015 to Present
Developer of PilatesAvatar.com
To learn more’s about Clare’s background and philosophy, click here to listen to the Pilates Unfiltered Podcast Interview and scroll to the 25 minute mark 
Clare Dunphy