Instructor Training


Chesapeake Pilates Center is affiliated with the Pilates Education Institute offering Traditional Mat and Comprehensive Instructor Training meeting the requirements set by the Pilates Method Alliance. Graduates of the program will need to complete a written and practical exam. They will then be qualified to take the written PMA’s pilates instructor certification exam.

Who we are:

Chesapeake Pilates Studio is owned by PMA certified instructor Stefanie O’Rourke who has been teaching pilates since 2003 and fitness since 1997. She tested out for her comprehensive training with PhysicalMind Institute in January of 2005.

Our team of instructors come from various schools of training including Power Pilates, Peak Pilates, Stott and PhysicalMind. Everyone has at least 5 years of teaching experience and are comprehensively trained.

Our Philosophy:

CPC believes that pilates instructor training starts with the classical repertoire. A good instructor can then access their critical thinking skills and creativity to grow into their style while staying true to the pilates method.

We believe that it is important to understand the history of pilates. Every instructor should have read “Return to Life” to truly understand Joe Pilates intentions. Studying the 1st generation of teachers will give you an understanding of how different lineages of schools have developed and their impact on todays pilates industry and culture.

We believe in the mat training as a good base, as most apparatus exercises can somehow be linked to the mat exercises.

We believe that apparatus training includes all the main pieces of equipment which includes reformer, chair and trap table (cadillac). Our modules, or training blocks, are organized by levels of the exercises on all apparatus. We feel this is the best way to understand the method.


*Professionalism (15 hours) includes Scope of Practice, Code of Ethics, Professional Conduct, Universal Precautions, History and Philosophy

*Movement Science/Anatomy & Kinesiology (40 hours)

*Special Populations/Precautions & Contraindications (20 hours)

*Apparatus safety and maintenance

Observation – 75 hours
Self Practice – 75 hours
Student Teaching – 115
*recommend 3 hours of each per week
*to be completed prior to final exam

Practical and written assessments at end of each module and a final exam test out within 1 year of completion block 4

Breakdown of cost

Block 1 – Introduction to Teaching Pilates and Instructor Mat Training
40 hours

Block 2 – Basic Reformer, Chair and Cadillac
40 hours

Block 3 – Intermediate Reformer, Chair and Cadillac
40 hours

Block 4 – Advanced Reformer, Chair and Cadillac
Barrels, Ped-o-pul, Foot corrector
44 hours

Total $5,000

*studio is available for self practice at no extra cost
*observation hours with instructors pre-approval
*assistance with student teaching in our studio

Email Stefanie at or
call her at 443-336-6925
for more information.

Instructor Training