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Group Training

Chesapeake Pilates Center’s small group training allow the instructors to manage the class safely while keeping it challenging.  Because we get to know our clients, we are able to personalize workouts while maintaining the rhythm and flow of the session.

Our clientele also get to know each other.  They are supportive and work well progressing as a group.  

Having a fully equipped studio allows us to teach the entire pilates system which in turn gives our clients the full pilates experience.

Group Equipment Classes are limited to 4 people


Our class levels are based on progression of exercises gained with experience.
You will get a workout in a level 1 class!
Please take a moment to review the list of exercises by clicking the links before signing up for a class.

Level 1

Basic and some intermediate exercises, appropriate for experienced participants who may have need for modifications.

Level 2

Basic and intermediate exercises at a steady pace. This class moves with transitions and flow.

Level 3

Basic, intermediate, and some advanced exercises.  Participants must be comfortable with flexion, extension, side bending and rotation.

Unless otherwise stated, participants must have previous experience with Pilates apparatus or completed introductory lessons from an instructor.