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Kristi Erin


Stott Pilates 2014 * Balanced Body, 2016 * PMA Certified 2017

An elite athlete, Kristi’s passion for health and fitness began at a young age. She started competing in gymnastics at the age of six and worked her way to a state title in vault at age of 13.  Kristi then took her skills to the diving board where she excelled to the Junior Olympic Team.  She was also a member of the cheerleading and cross country teams for her high school.

Kristi was a freshman in college studying to be a physician\’s assistant, when she  was diagnosed her with Lyme disease.  Through tests, they were able to ascertain she had been living with the bacterial infection all through the four years of high school.  Over the next 5 years, Kristi struggled to balance intense medical treatments and her education.

On her quest back to health, Kristi intensified her pilates practice, originally introduced to her by gymnastics coaches.  While other forms of exercise caused inflammation, making her condition worse, pilates helped to alleviate her pain.  It retrained her mind and body.  Eventually, Kristi became strong enough in her practice to feel like an athlete again.

Kristi’s college education provided her with a very strong background in Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics.  She interned with a physical therapist.  Her path eventually led her to a formal pilates education in Ontario, Canada with STOTT Pilates in 2011.  She has recently finished all of her comprehensive requirements and plans on taking the Pilates Method Alliance certification test in the next few months.  Kristi is also is certified in TRX, Barre, and Trigger Point Therapy.  She has been teaching group fitness classes since 2011.

Available for Private Training:   Monday and Friday 8:00 to 12:00, Wednesdays 1:30 to 4:30