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At Chesapeake Pilates Center, we pride ourselves on becoming partners in our clients journey to a healthy, balanced and strong body by providing high quality instruction to meet individual needs.


Of the many options offered for pilates instructor training today, the comprehensive curriculum is the most thorough.  It covers traditional basic through advanced exercises on all the apparatus and teaches instructors how to understand the system of pilates. 

Graduates of comprehensive instructor training programs not only have learned how to teach the choreography on all the apparatus, they have developed an eye for reading movement patterns and the ability to create a safe and effective program.

Comprehensively Certified
Senior Pilates Instructor,
PMA Certified

$75 Private
$350 5 pack private
$650 10 pack private

Comprehensively Certified
Pilates Instructor,
PMA Certified  

$70 private
5 pack private $325
10 pack private $625


Amanda Breon

Comprehensively Certified
Senior Pilates Instructor

$75 1 Private
$350 5 Pack 
$650 10 Pack